Facial recognition for events

Getting married? Throwing a big event? Thanks to OhMyPics, each guest will receive the photos in which he appears automaticly, just by taking a selfie!
How does it work?

Create an event using your Ohmypics account.

Share the link of your event with your guests.

Your guests click on the link, insert their email address and take a selfie.

Each guest receives by email all the photos in which they are recognized.

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Photo mariés

Celine & David, newly wed couple

We were looking how to please our guests on our wedding day and we chosed Ohmypics. All we had to do was share the link with our guests! Each of them received their photos of this special day. They were amazed and we got lots of thank you messages! Just awesome!
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Photographe application

Patrick, Photographer

I use Ohmypics at all my events. It’s like a secret weapon that allows me to reach each guest! My logo appears at the head of the gallery and on each of the photos received by the guests. The sharing options are complete and this allows me to boost traffic on my social networks and reach more customers. And in addition the newlyweds are happy : )
They Ohmypics


Photo témoin mariage

Leo, Wedding guest

My friends were about to get married and they sent me their Ohmypics selfie link. A few days after the wedding, I received an email from Ohmypics. Amazing: all the photos I was on, professional photos, joy everywhere … Unbelievable!




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If you are looking for an original gift to thank your family and friends for joining your wedding or other ceremony, you have come to the right place. Our technology allows your guests to receive their photos by email, directly to their phone or computer. And with no need to sort, you will save loads of time.
We all love it!


Photographes et mariés


Photographers, wedding planners… : boost your publicity! Each photo received is accompanied by your logo, a link to your website, facebook and instagram accounts and also has a sharing option. You can even personalize it with a thank you message 🙂


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Any questions ?
Is Ohmypics secure?
All data is encrypted on fully secure servers.
Do you keep photos sent via Ohmypics?

Your photos are erased from our servers within 3 months, once your event gallery is activated.

Who has access to the photos of my event?

Only people to whom you’ve shared the selfie link can access to your photos.

When should I share the link with my guests?
For maximum efficiency, we advise you to share the link of the event before D-day by Whatsapp, by invitation, on the website of your event, at your event, etc.
Can guests take a selfie after the event?
Yes, as long as the event is active, your guests can take a selfie to receive their photos.
I am a photographer/organizer: how can I share the link with the guests?
Give the link to your customers for sharing with their guests before the wedding/event. You can also display the QR code during the event so that guests can scan it and take a selfie directly.

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